So, I Quilt Now…

I don’t know if it was related or not, but soon after becoming a mother for the first time, I wanted a sewing machine. Badly! I kept thinking of all the things I could make for my baby (now babies) or for around the house. Well, fast forward a couple years and I finally got one. Woohoo!

Now rewind several years… Way back in high school, I started on a journey to learn to quilt. My dad was going to teach me and I got as far as buying the fabric and cutting some of it into squares. Over 15 years later I pull that project out of the bag it’s barely survived in. I smoothed out the crinkled drawing I had designed on graph paper and got to work. I pieced the entire gigantic top together with seams so incredibly not touching they were actually inches apart. Yet it still felt like amazing accomplishment for this non-crafty accountant mom.

I then had some options:

  1. just tie it and have it around the house.
  2. finish it and donate it.
  3. have it quilted because surely it’s going to fall apart otherwise.
  4. leave it in the closet behind my sewing corner.

Number 4 it is! I do hope one day to pull it out and see if I can fix up some of the seams, but I think the perfect plan (if time wasn’t a factor) would be to take it completely apart, trim the squares I poorly cut so long ago and put it all back together. I could use the fabric for something else, but I love the idea of piecing it into the original design my little 16- or 17-year-old self drew.

But then again, it could be sweet how my corners don’t match…making memories, remembering the genesis of my new love for quilting. I’ll decide another day.

Anyway,  I know you’re dying to see what it looks like. 😉 Promise not to zoom in!

My first finished quilt top from so long ago!

I can confidently say I’ve come leaps and bounds from this level and it’s a huge blast. I talk of quilting as the most therapeutic hobby I’ve ever undertaken. I’m SURE that I’ll be sharing more.

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