How I’m Celebrating National Quilting Month

On March 1st, a few days ago, I sent a screen shot to my husband of Google declaring it’s National Quilting Month.

He wrote back asking me how I was going to celebrate.

I said, “Duh…quilt.”

But, in reality, I’ve not touched a single quilt project since the month rolled over! So sad. I’m in the very busiest time of my job and am buried/swamped/drowning, but I wanted to pop on here to celebrate a little by sharing the chronologically next quilt I finished after this first top.

I needed someone to practice on that wouldn’t judge me, ha! Perfect answer? A dog! My mom had just brought home a new puppy and surely she needed something to snuggle with. 😉

This gave me the opportunity to practice all the things. Piecing, nesting, pressing, cutting, layering, appliqueing, quilting binding, getting more familiar with my new sewing machine, etc.

It was so much fun and was the zinger that got me permanently hooked on quilting.

Learning to quilt by making one for a puppy is the greatest idea!

Stay tuned for more celebration posts!

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