Who Better to Imitate?

I read something very interesting the other day about the very first humans on the planet. In Genesis chapter 4, after God had created everything and Adam & Eve had lost their privilege to live in the garden, we start getting into the nitty gritty of their lives.

The second half of verse 26 says:

“At that time people first began to worship the Lord by name.”

My brain, which is constantly seeing lessons in everything I read or experience, saw those last two little words: “by name.”

And I thought, “If the very first humans prayed to God by using His names, it’s something we should consider, don’t you think?”

I realize this isn’t a new concept. I’ve heard pastors and other church leaders teach this and I’ve even worked through a Bible study book with a group of girls on the subject before. But it was just a neat reminder. God was teaching His created how to speak with Him — what the relationship should look like.

So, even though I surely could have googled this list, I pulled out that old book to refresh my memory. Briefly, here is a list of absolutely holy names I want to start incorporating into my prayer life:

Adonai Lord, Master

El Elyon The God Most High

El Olam The Everlasting God

El Roi The God Who Sees

El Shaddai The All-Sufficient One

Elohim The Creator

Jehovah-jireh The Lord Will Provide

Jehovah-mekoddishkem The Lord Who Sanctifies You

Jehovah-nissi The Lord My Banner

Jehovah-raah The Lord My Shepherd

Jehovah-rapha The Lord Who Heals

Jehovah-sabaoth The Lord of Hosts

Jehovah-shalom The Lord is Peace

Jehovah-shammah The Lord is There

Jehovah-tsidkenu The Lord Our Righteousness

Qanna Jealous

Yahweh Lord (Jehovah)

Moment by moment, a different name of God reaches my soul for different reasons. But as I type this, I’m loving the reminder that He is here. Jehovah-shammah. We need this reminder, this hope!

Which one resonates with you in this chapter of your life? 

Those who know your name trust in you,
for you, O Lord, do not abandon those who search for you.
Psalm 9:10

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