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My Bible Book (a book review on

This is an oldie in our household, but a well-read Bible board book I thought I’d add to my collection of reviews on here. Since describing our lack of enthusiasm for the latest children’s Bible storybook we’ve read, I wanted to counter that with one that is very similar but better done.

My Bible Book is a sturdy board book (and by sturdy, I mean it was already loved by a family with four children and then given to us a few years ago and it’s still in great shape!). Each page has one little lesson, an accompanying Bible verse and a small action to do.

For example, on the God Made Animals page, it points the reader to Genesis 1:1-19 and says:

“God made animals.
God made fish that swim.
God made birds that fly.
God made animals like puppies and kittens that play with you.
God was happy with the animals He made.
Thank You, God, for animals.”

And then it asks a related question to the young child: “What sounds do these animals make?”

Another page is about praising God (Psalm 150 and 115:2):

“Praise God!
Praise God because He made the heavens and earth.
Praise God because He is big and strong.
Let’s make music!
Let’s move about!
Let’s make some noise! Hooray!
Let’s all praise God!”

The action item says: “Praise God like the children in this picture.” I love this because you can get really dramatic (which sticks in kids’ minds) but also keep it focused on the reason we’re jumping for joy. It makes fun memories.

I appreciate how this particular book uses stories that are less touched on in children’s books, like God bringing food to Elijah out in the wilderness or when Mary & Joseph brought baby Jesus to church.

Overall, this is a cherished addition to our children’s bookshelves.

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