Did You Know?

I'm a trivia nerd and found this historical fact very interesting!In Jesus’ time, psalms didn’t have number references. Each was titled by its first line and almost every Jew knew them. So, when Jesus, as he’s dying on the cross, says, “My God, My God, why have you abandoned me?” He is actually communicating to the nearby Jews to remember what we know today as Psalm 22.

This psalm is full of foretelling, with high detail, of Jesus’ crucifixion, but I believe one of the main reasons He called out this psalm was to remind His followers of the hope in the end. There is so much promise in what I like to sum up with two words:

God wins!

He is the source of true hope. I pray you have or can claim that hope for yourself today.

(Originally shared on my instagram account — I’m kinda a trivia nerd, so maybe this will turn into a series? Connect with me @syddrink.)

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