God’s Parenting Contract

I was cleaning out my phone notes the other day, which is no small task. I write. A lot. I take notes. A lot. And sometimes I rediscover some great nuggets like this one.

Sometime back (maybe about a year?), I made this list during a sermon. The pastor was preaching on parenting and I didn’t take a whole lot of extra notes besides what were obviously his bullet points.

As parents, we have an incredible responsibility in raising our kids. But in the midst of that, we can’t get too bogged down in other responsibilities, including church work, or we’ll miss the mark on this one.

“As parents, you don’t sign up for ministries until you are ministering to your first disciples, your children.”

This pastor, our wise friend, suggested the following points to be part of a “contract” you have signed with God as Christian parents:

  1. You must pass along your faith
  2. You must disciple your children
  3. You must teach your kids to love others
  4. You must teach the importance of community

Each of these could be a sermon themselves, but what I’m attracted to the most right now is the simplicity. We let a myriad of distractions enter our lives (even if they’re “good” like reading books on parenting!), but look at those four things again.

It’s really quite simple! If you keep this your focus, other things will stem from it and God will surely empower your parenthood.

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