3 Musts for Effective Leadership

Well over a year ago, I “scribbled” something down in my phone note app. It was solid advice given to me from someone near and dear to me — and also someone I greatly respect. Today I thought I’d share this short list with you, too!

Besides countless books, Bible verses, podcasts, etc. you could digest on the topic of leadership, here are three simple rules to empower you as a more effective leader:

  1. Give up your right to be offended.
  2. Start by assuming the best in people.
  3. If serving is below you, then leadership is beyond you.

Think about all the ways you are a leader. If you aren’t technically in charge of a team at work or church, are you a parent? It can be applied there, in the midst of your parenthood, as well. I love reviewing this reminder from time to time and I hope it’s encouraged you. ❤

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