Book Review: When God Made You {by Matthew Paul Turner}

An excellent book for kids to realize that their unique personality and talents COMPLETELY fit into the greater plan God has for this world.I did something I don’t normally do — read some reviews of this book before I wrote my own. (Typically, I prefer not to have any influence.) Scrolling through, I can see most readers of When God Made You tended to agree with my thoughts on it but one opposite review stuck out to me. I’ll tell you the neat parts of this book and then rebut the negative review a little, too.

The older one gets, the more he or she realizes how small each of us really is in this gigantic world. It can often be overwhelming to figure out where you fit in and it can easily be tempting to try to conform to what we think the world wants us to look like.

So often we try to suppress certain characteristics or quirky parts of our personality, but just as often we forget that God actually made them! He planned them. He purposely designed our uniqueness for His greater plan.

This children’s book, in clever rhyme, speaks to the child about all this. He or she is encouraged to discover their place in the world and figure out where their personalities and talents fit in. The book hands over confidence to the child, it builds them up and challenges him or her to be brave in this big, big world.

An exclusive design, one God refined,
you’re a perfectly crafted one of a kind.

‘Cause when God made you,
somehow God knew
that the world needed someone
exactly like you.

The disgruntled reviewer I mentioned above, complains about how this book does not glorify God, is all focused on “you,” and how there isn’t any wonder why the younger generation acts all entitled. That is an extreme jump. [Raising one eyebrow here.] I believe this book actually DOES glorify God. It gently pounds in the fact that we are created for and by Him, to be part of His story. To use our talents and traits to love one another and to be peacemakers.

Not every book can include the entire gospel story and every other prominent message of the Bible. But this one does an excellent job at presenting the fact that we are created for God’s glory and to live out His dreams for us. My hope is that parents reading this book to their children also are teaching more Jesus to them via other books and just the way they live their lives. I also hope that that reviewer was just having a bad day.

At first, the illustrations in this book took some getting used to, but I quickly warmed up to them. David Catrow has a unique and very imaginative way of portraying the words of Matthew Paul Turner with his pictures.

Overall, I’m very happy to have this on my kids’ bookshelves now. A beautiful book!

I received this book free from the publisher through the Blogging for Books book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.

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