Book Review: Daring to Hope {by Katie Davis Majors}

Super real. Incredible. Perspective-changing. So much more. A must read!!Sometimes I wonder how my reactions to books are reflecting other circumstances simultaneously happening in my life. There are an infinite number of factors to consider — one’s home life, stress at work, personal opinions, you name it. If I negatively review a book, is it because I’m grumpy about something else in life? If I positively review a book, is it because I just happen to be dealing with the particular issues it touched on? Sometimes I think too much… 😉

Regardless of all that, however, this book spoke to me. It lifted me up. It literally had me sitting for chunks of time, simply thinking. Examining my own life. Finding God’s goodness in trials I’ve gone through or am going through. It gave me new perspectives, as anyone’s personal story can do.

I’m very thankful Katie Davis Majors has the courage to share parts of her life with the rest of us. (More of us should, really!) Some of it I was able to relate to having spent years overseas, but of course some of it was foreign as her situation is much different than mine. Yet, we are both mothers, daughters and wives. We both love Jesus and her ability to articulate what that Love can look like is very beautiful.

Katie shares what I imagine to be very intimate and privates parts of her life (both her thoughts and her experiences) in this book. She tells heart-wrenching stories throughout and simply describes what she learned through them. From caring for very ill friends who eventually die in her home to holding Bible studies in the slums with ladies who live harder lives than I ever will, God absolutely shines through it all.

Over and over, through incredibly awful situations, Katie was able to come out on the other side stronger. “The things that I thought would break me were the things that drove me straight to Him.” Her perseverance, perspective and indirect challenges to maintain that so-important quiet time with God make this book one I will cherish.

“In the dry places, when our lives are not going at all as we intended, He can draw us to Himself the way He always intended.

God is like that. He uses the hard things to reveal more clearly His great kindness toward us. He always knows what we need before we can even fathom it. Abraham climbs up mount Moriah with no idea of what God could possibly be orchestrating, why God would ask him to sacrifice his only son, but God uses his faithfulness and obedience to grow his trust and prepare him for future trials. Maybe the hardest things make us the best kind of brave and the best kind of ready for all that God has next. They teach us to lean into Him time and time again because we see that it is true: when we are weak, He is strong.”

Katie seems to weave Scripture in and out of her words as easy as breathing. I appreciate the book’s list of Bible references in the back for further study.

To be honest, I could quote a whole lot more of this book. I certainly will be looking back (already have!) at my underlined, starred and heart-ed markings for reminders of all her reflections that made an impact on me. I told my husband that it’s an interesting phenomenon… On one hand, it seems like a very simple book, a quick read. But on the other hand, her genuineness and her humility are what marks this book as excellent. Scores of books are written by young women — bloggers, moms, whomever — just because. But this one felt different to me. Katie is younger than even I am, but she was real. Absolutely, courageously real.

Daring to Hope comes out on October 3rd — you really, truly should pick it up. ❤

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Pre-order the book here!

I had the privilege of being on the launch team for this new book. Though I was provided a free copy, I was not required to write a positive review. Thank you, Katie, for enriching all our lives through your writing.

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