Being a Jellyfish

being a jellyfish (as a Christian)

I can’t get this out of my head lately and thought I’d type it out.

I was reading an Elisabeth Elliot book the other day and she was talking about how there are only 2 types of creatures that we know of which have resisted God’s assignment for our lives. Angels (those which rebelled) and humans. Every other creature willingly takes the place appointed them.

“By being a jellyfish the jellyfish glorifies its Creator, for by being a jellyfish it fulfills its Creator’s command.”

Tigers don’t try to fly, mosquitos don’t try to ride a bike, and giraffes don’t climb trees. Seems silly, but when you apply it to yourself, what are you trying to do outside of your design? How can we accept our personal makeup (be it physical, emotional, etc.) and glorify God by doing so? What do we not like about ourselves and why? Do we trust God enough to believe He made us correctly?

A bird could complain about the weight of its wings, but it comes to terms with their necessity — and they actually become the very thing that lifts them up, high into the sky and into freedom. When we accept our limitations as gifts, could we find that perfect freedom and be lifted up into the will of God?

Anyway, thanks for reading this far. Elisabeth Elliot always gets me. 😌💕

(Book I was reading: Let Me Be a Woman)

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