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This page exists to document my sewing adventures and to share some eye candy, mostly to quilters. 🙂

My Quilts and Other Sewn Creations

My daughter’s very favorite color is yellow, with purple a close second. Interesting colors to mix, but I think I did it pretty well! It was a struggle to land on the “perfect” pattern when she was going to need a bed quilt soon, so I ended up doing what I did for my son a couple years earlier (only in her colors). Love how they look together!

This one had been my baby for a long, long time. The piecing took a while to truly do accurately and I was slowly hand-quilting it over time. It was for a close friend of mine and I had the next Christmas (several months away) as my target when suddenly we were moving from Washington to Arizona! I so very much wanted to gift it in person, so I became obsessed. It came on road trips with us, it was everywhere I was. 🙂 I made my goal, tears were shed from all sides, and though the parting was so sad, I was thankful to leave a little part of me with her in this quilt. ❤

If you scroll almost to the bottom, you’ll see the Christmas quilt I made my sister. I never could get over the cuteness of the fabric I used and finally found a seller that still had some. I made a tree skirt from it and hand-quilted it for fun (and, wow, it’s so much easier hand-quilting a small project than the large lap quilts I’ve done!).

This one is a bit hard to see, because it’s filled with beautiful, light silvers and golds. But you get the gist. This one took me quite a while!

I did not piece nor do the majority of the quilting of this, but I schemed with my dad to finish this surprise t-shirt quilt for my sister. I helped with a few of the steps and did the binding (my favorite step!). We got her so good!

I had a lot of fun making my first mini quilt (pattern by Thimble Blossoms). I used the leftover fabric from my mom’s “Sunny Skies” quilt (scroll down). Pretty sure I need more mini quilts in my life after this!

We call this “the monster quilt” around here. It’s huge, heavy and cuddly (flannel backing). It’s made many forts and covered several guest air mattress stints. 🙂 I will likely never tire of the herringbone look, sigh, so pretty… I straight-line quilted this beast of a quilt on my small home machine, which was quite comical.

This quilt is easily the most-loved in our home. We kept this one and it’s been used endlessly. I had to put an end to using it for a fort, though, because it’s hand-quilted and starting to show its use. 😉

At some point, I gave my toddler daughter my old doll (who, for a long reason is named Donna, ha!). Well, Donna needed a quilt, too! I used scraps from Rose’s rose quilt so they had matching bed tops for a while.

A baby quilt for my husband’s co-worker’s first baby. I didn’t get to meet him till he was about 18 months old, but he is SUCH a sweetie!

My sister-in-law absolutely loves llamas and I’ve loved finding llama gifts for her over the years. (Perfectly, we lived in Peru for a year and a half once where little llama trinkets are in abundance!) Now it’s become kinda trendy and you see them on a lot of merchandise, but my SIL led that charge for sure. Anyway, I couldn’t find the perfect fabric so I custom ordered it off Spoonflower and then designed this. I’ve since seen lots of versions of similar quilts, so it’s probably something I didn’t fully make up myself, but I thought I did at the time. 🙂 The backing is a soft cuddly pink flannel. So fun!

Possibly one of my favorite quilts so far. Lots of funny family “inside story” behind that color orange and also my journey to actually finding it for this quilt. This was the Sunny Skies pattern by Missouri Star Quilt Company. And my second hand-quilted project! Using flannel as batting made the hand work infinitely easier than the wool (Harry Potter quilt below). I used the Sugar Pie fabric line by Moda. Just love this one!

A fun “Little Red Riding Hood” quilt for a niece.

A year after I gifted the Christmas quilt (scroll way down), I made this little pillow from scraps of the same quilt as their gift.

We have always been huge fans of the Franklin the Turtle books. (I’m talking the originals — the books written after the t.v. show was made are ehh.) So, I had the idea to make my kids the costumes of Franklin and Harriet. Of course it was a much larger project than I had anticipated ;), but I persevered and they ended up pretty cute! They even made the front page of our local paper when their reporters were out amongst the trick or treaters.

Two years later, we were able to use the shells and tummies again! We just bought new green “skin” and a bigger red hat for Max. 🙂

Back in 2016 or 2017 when I first started looking at peoples’ “Harry Potter quilts” for ideas, I didn’t care for the patterns…so I made my own! Well, I used MSQC’s broken orange peel pattern and then picked out my own fabrics, which represented the four houses. Each broken peel was appliqued with the house’s secondary color (i.e., Ravenclaw’s thread was bronze, Hufflepuff’s was black, etc.). I even used HP font for the label. 🙂 This was my first applique quilt AND my first hand-quilted quilt! Turns out, wool batting isn’t the easiest to hand quilt, but I was determined to use wool in this one for a reason, so it’s all good.

A fun potholder I made from scraps of fabric I bought at a garage sale that happened to be at a house across the street from a house we eventually bought — and the neighbor and I became friends after my son I left my keys in the mailbox. I wonder if she’d recognize this fabric, ha!

I can’t find a photo of Max’s whole bed quilt from when I made it, but it’s above in the picture of Rose’s yellow bed quilt. Here’s a close-up of the beautiful geometric quilting done by my friend in Vancouver, Washington!

I lovvvve the herringbone look. This was another favorite baby quilt for a dear long-time friend’s first baby girl.

We had a long trip ahead of our family once and I made these for the kids. I even put the little “maps” on bracelets so they wouldn’t fall in the car. They still pull these out from time to time years later. Other kids have enjoyed it, too. It wasn’t my favorite thing to make, so I’m glad it’s being appreciated, ha!

A baby tumbler quilt. Loved this one!

Couldn’t resist making these dino tails for my nephew’s birthday! My kids are modeling them ahead of time in this photo. (It was something I saw on Pinterest once and have absolutely no idea the link to it now, but I’ll happily add it if you know who gets the credit.)

A quilt I designed and made for my daughter’s crib and eventual toddler bed. It’s made will all sorts of vintage rose fabrics (I couldn’t resist — her name is Rose). I made that banner above her crib, too! It was for her first birthday party and we just kept it. It’s hung above her bed in 3 houses already. 🙂

A baby fox quilt.

My own design.

A baby quilt for a friend’s first baby.


Stockings for the family! I have many pictures of these as they’ve hung every year, but I can’t seem to find any but this I snapped the night I finished them. Rose’s (the right one) is probably my favorite!

My first try making half-square triangles (HSTs).

A little ribbon taggie I made my daughter for her first birthday, that she still cuddles with and sleeps with over 3 years later.

The second quilt I fully finished was for my Christmas-loving sister. I backed it with cozy red flannel and learned how to tie with this one.


The first quilt I ever made was for a dog! It provided practice with piecing, nesting, pressing, cutting, layering, applique-ing, binding, getting more familiar with my machine, etc. She still uses it years later!

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